Frequently asked Questions and answers

For Parents

Can I use the service if my child’s school doesn’t use it?


No.  Your child’s school must be signed up.  Your school’s transport team will be able to give you information about the service and if they aren’t using SchoolBusNotes then suggest they should be !

What is needed so I can receive the notifications?


All you need is a smartphone and our mobile app installed and you will be able to easily perform changes to the schedule (cancellations, destination or pick up changes) in addition to receiving visual and sound notifications.

During the SchoolBusNotes mobile app installation, I was asked to provide a username and password. Where can I find this information?


Your school’s transport team will provide you with your unique username and password.

I have two children enrolled in the school. How can I distinguish between the notifications I receive for each one?


The mobile app handles each student and their data separately. Parents can use the service for each child individually, as long as they perform the registration process for each child.

The service uses my phone number and address. How safe is this data?


Only your school knows this information. SchoolBusNotes platform uses the data with strict encryption procedures.

How much does the mobile application cost?


The installation of the mobile app is free, for both android and iOS operating systems.

Other than receiving notifications, what other features does the mobile app have?


In addition to receiving visual and sound notifications, the mobile app allows you to easily perform changes to the schedule (cancellations, destination or pick up changes), get notification on changes and if needed revoke them. You can also check bus position or get messages from school administration.

I have noticed a few extra charges on my phone bill, and I’m not sure from where they come from. Is there a chance that they are related to the SchoolBusNotes service?


There are no charges directly associated with SchoolBusNotes and it does not use very much data.  If you exceeded your service providers data allowance then there might be charges in line with your contract with them.

I forgot my password. What should I do?


You should call the school transportation office, and they will be able to provide you with a new one.

Is it necessary to have an internet connection ?


An Internet connection is not necessary as you can receive simple notification via SMS text message.  However, by having an Internet connection (wifi or mobile data), messages are more immediate and you can utilize all the mobile application functions.

Can Ι receive notifications to more than one device?


Yes. The notifications and all functions of the service can be connected to many devices. These additional devices may also have other – less privileges that the first. However, if the devices are not connected to the Internet (wifi or mobile data), an SMS will be sent to only one device.

Can I choose the timeframe during which I will be notified?


You can set how much time before the school bus arrives you wish to be notified via the app. If you have an android mobile, then you can also chose the notification sound.

Why can I not see the school bus location via the app?


The school bus location is available on the map via the app only during the route on which your child is a passenger.